Legal notice

The Isotope Demo is based on the design of the Contao Official Demo.

Contao Official Demo

Thank you to the following people who have worked on the Contao Official Demo:

The screen design for the Contao Offical Demo is sponsored by borowiakziehe KG. It has been designed by Hannes Oertel whom we would like to thank for the great work.


  1. Joe Ray Gregory |
  2. Sascha Müller |
  3. Felix Pfeiffer |
  4. Stefan Eipeltauer |

Helpers and tester: Alexander Bröss, Christian de la Haye, Fabian Fauth, Carolina Köhn, Dolores Moser, Yanick Witschi, Marc Reimann, Lars Tubies, Stefan Lindecke, Oliver Lohoff and Marie Dietz.

Isotope eCommerce Demo


  1. Bjarke Ammann | netzarbeiter provided us with the data for the CD section.

Thomas Weitzel helped us out designing the t-shirt.

The fancy icons are made with Font Awesome.

Lust but not least - a big thank you to Leo Feyer and the Contao team for this great CMS.